Goat leads police on two-hour chase

The Waveland and Bay St. Louis Police Departments were in hot pursuit Sunday evening. However, it was not a hardened criminal or fugitive that was on the lam, but rather, a two-feet tall domesticated goat.

The chase began in Waveland, crossed into Bay St. Louis, then back into Waveland, and finally ended in Bay St. Louis, officials said.

Bay P.D. Executive Officer Christine Johnson said Monday that Bay police overheard radio traffic of a free-roaming goat in the Kmart parking lot about 10:25 p.m. Sunday.
The white-colored adult goat had apparently gotten loose from its home and began loitering near Auto Zone.

It is apparently owned by a resident on Old Nicholson Road, Johnson said.

“We sent officers to Waveland to assist in apprehending the goat, because it was a traffic hazard,” Johnson said.

Once officers located the goat, catching it was not so easy, officials said.

The goat evaded officers in the Kmart parking lot and then made its way into the Lowe’s parking lot a few hundred yards away.

Four police units chased it around the Lowe’s building, and at one point, officers attempted to trap the goat in between police cruisers, but to no avail.

The goat continued to elude officers and ran onto Highway 603 and into the DuRussy Motors parking lot. Once again, officers chased the goat around the building, and once again, it eluded them, running north on Highway 603 in the south-bound lanes of traffic, almost causing an accident.

Police blocked traffic for a short time until the goat took a left turn onto a dead end road west of Highway 603, Johnson said.

Officers then lost contact with the animal then in a wooded area, she said.

Bay St. Louis Animal Control officer Darty Necaise soon arrived, but the goat was not found until about 1 a.m. when neighbors on Old Nicholson Road were finally able to corral it, Johnson said.

The goat was later returned to its owner.

By Dwayne Bremer
The Sea Coast Echo

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