Leaders look for different options for oil

By NICOLE DOW – ndow@sunherald.com


Waste Management will hold off on dumping any oil-related waste at the Pecan Grove landfill until Harrison County supervisors can meet with BP and Unified Command about alternative options for disposal, a Waste Management representative told the Harrison County Board of Supervisors on Monday.

Supervisors responded that they will have their attorney work on an injunction to cease disposal at the site if the meeting does not happen in a timely manner, hopefully within days.

Harrison County supervisors has long been in opposition of putting oily waste from the BP cleanup into the landfill. The Board had discussed issuing a subpoena to have Waste Management meet with the Board, but company officials agreed to attend Monday’s meeting without legal action.

District 3 Supervisor Marlin Ladner expressed his frustrations at Monday’s meeting, saying that BP had previously said the waste would be taken to Louisiana and the company would look into alternate methods of disposal besides using the landfill.

He said the decision to use the Pecan Grove landfill as a disposal site was never discussed with the Board beforehand.

“What you’re putting in the landfill might have some toxicity in it,” Ladner said. “We don’t know what the long-term effects of that is, especially with the dispersants.”

More than 200 homes are within a half-mile radius of the landfill, he said.

A representative of BP was briefly in attendance at the meeting, but after she told the Board she was not authorized to make any decisions there, the supervisors had no more questions for her.

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