Board wants claims, vessel lists from BP

The recent closure of commercial fishing waters in the Mississippi Sound has put a lot of people out of work, and the Hancock County Board of Supervisors said Tuesday that they want to see BP helping those people.

The board passed a motion asking BP to produce the names of local residents who submitted claims to BP and a list of boats enrolled in the vessel of opportunity program.

Board President Rocky Pullman said the board has concerns that some of the people getting paid by BP are not the ones in the most need. Some who have seen BP lists in the past have said the claims list and vessel lists include local businessmen, county and city employees, and even elected officials.

“These programs were designed to help those in need,” Pullman said. “I’m all about doing the right thing.”

BP official Pat Presley said he is not sure if BP can give out names.

“I’m not saying yes or no, but I don’t know how it works when dealing with people’s personal business,” he said.

Pullman said the oil spill is not only affecting local fishermen, but restaurants, tourism, and even the housing market.

BY: Dwayne Bremer

The Sea Coast Echo


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