Mema Cottage Community Meeting – LEO Seals Center Monday night!

Partnership with Steps Coalition, Fair Housing, Mississippi Center for Justice, Katrina Relief/Waveland Citizens Fund

Packed house – Sun Herald was there, WLOX absent (at the BP meeting), didn’t see Dwayne Bremmer from the Sea Coast Echo. The oil spill is impacting other aspects of recovery in very subtle ways – dividing up the limited resources we do have and the “Katrina” card is being left further and further behind.

Very successful meeting. The residents were focused, their questions direct and to the point, and MEMA had their entire management team there addressing the issues head on. This type of “community case management” most certainly motivates the most timid of the residents to move forward. Case Management can isolate clients and leave them working on their own – this approach, combined with case management, moves the client out into the mainstream of the community with assistance from fellow residents struggling with the same issues. It has been interesting to watch these clients over the past couple of months move forward – working in tangent with fellow residents and actively engaging in the recovery equation. This “community meeting” approach should be viewed to be part of any Case Management in future disasters.

More pictures to follow later this morning.

Thank you Hancock Bank for the use of your facilities at the Leo Seals Center

There will be a debriefing session on Thursday night (Leo Seals Building at 6.30pm) for the residents to go over the information shared and to plan an agenda some upcoming meetings. For those of you needing one on one meeting with a MEMA HA to discuss issues – please contact a committee member (Mississippi Center for Justice, Katrina Relief/Waveland Citizens Fund) or call your housing adviser directly. If you have any issues you can not resolve – please contact the Mississippi Center for Justice.

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