Barbour falls short in oil spill response, NAACP leader says



The national president and CEO of the NAACP said Monday that Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour is doing too little to help the state as the Gulf of Mexico oil spill threatens people’s livelihoods.

Benjamin Todd Jealous met with shrimpers and others Monday in Biloxi. He told WLOX-TV that it was unacceptable for the Republican Barbour to skip in-person meetings during President Barack Obama’s recent trips to south Louisiana.

“I’m sorry, but when the president comes to your state and the people in your state are sort of facing this sort of danger to their livelihood people are facing here, you come down to meet with him and you figure out how to help them,” Jealous said. “That’s what Jindal has done. That’s what Barbour hasn’t done.”

Jealous lived in Jackson in the 1990s and was managing editor of the Jackson Advocate, a weekly newspaper. He became president of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People in 2008.

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