Long Beach officials eye areas to annex

By MELISSA M. SCALLAN – mmscallansunherald.com


City officials are considering expanding Long Beach’s boundaries, likely to the west and north.

Mayor Billy Skellie and members of the Board of Aldermen met Tuesday afternoon with an urban planner to study annexation.

Skellie said right now he is interested in annexing the Long Beach Industrial Park on the western side of the city. Later, officials may study taking in the area from Espy Avenue to Interstate 10, which includes the Cross Creek development and the new campus of the University of Southern Mississippi. Skellie said another area they may consider annexing is from 28th Street to Landon Road. The industrial park would be the easiest area to incorporate because Long Beach already provides police and fire protection there.

The park already has its own water and sewer, which it would keep, Skellie said.

“We would just like to get some money for the police and fire services we provide,” he said.

Michael Slaughter with Slaughter and Associates, an urban planning firm, spoke to officials about the annexation process. The city would have to pay for a feasibility study on the proposed area and then adopt an annexation ordinance before filing a petition in chancery court. In Mississippi a judge must decide annexation cases.

“I think this gives us a good first look to let us see what would need to be done,” Skellie said, adding the city likely won’t go any further until officials get the results from the census later this year.

Aldermen also said they will have to see if the city has the money for the study.

Read more: http://www.sunherald.com/2010/05/11/2173560/long-beach-officials-eye-areas.html#ixzz0nigqmVPE

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