of MEMA Cottage Residents

1.  Having trouble keeping your Cottage?

2.  Received an eviction notice?

3.  Unsure about MEMA’s elevation policies?

Note:  Did you receive a letter from  MEMA saying you were disqualified?  If you did, please bring any letter you received from MEMA that state that you are now disqualified from the Cottage purchase program.  Attorneys with Mississippi  Center for Justice would like to review these letters.

For more information please contact Penny Burbank at 228-435-3113 or 228-297-7648 or email at

Let’s talk about it.

When:   Thursday,  May 6th, at 6:30 PM

Where:   Leo Seal Center, Waveland, 529 Hwy 90

Who:  All Cottage residents, MEMA officials welcome to attend

Why:  Share information about the end of the Cottage program and support each other.

Sponsored by the STEPS Coalition:  228-435-3113

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