• State will request Case Management Services through MCMC for the Yazoo Tornado Disaster.
  • 475 FEMA flood violation letters mailed out by Hancock County (we are already seeing travel trailer residents who will be made homeless by this enforcement)
  • Zero by September in place to have all FEMA travel units out of the Katrina equation.
  • MEMA cottage meeting very successful in Waveland on Wednesday. Supporters of residents who will be evicted are planning to meet fellow residents at Justice Court in Kiln on Friday at 9am.
  • General intake day, Thursdays, still seeing a myriad of new clients with Katrina blue roofs and still in need of services.
  • PVRO in the office on Thursdays doing intakes on MCMC and other clients seeking the PVRO grants for rebuilding Katrina damaged homes. It is estimated that the grant will serve 450 homes.
  • HPRP Homelessness Prevention Program (stimulus funds) operating at full speed with intakes and assisting clients (many from the MCMC program as residents lose THU units or MEMA cottages).
  • There is a acrid smell of oil in the air from the oil spill in the Gulf.
  • VOAD very active with the Yazoo disaster with daily telephone conference calls.
  • Critically need volunteers for multiple projects – Katrina and Yazoo tornado disaster. The oil slick will not require volunteers as that is a Hazmat project.
  •   BY: Kathleen Johnson

                                                                           Katrina Relief Director


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