The meeting last night went with a big bang.  So many residents have the same problem.   Evictions within 3 to 5 days of notice. Don’t MEMA and the Courts (the Judge) know when you evict these residents they will be homeless.  Now we in this City of ours are back to Katrina days with people living in tents.  It’s almost 5 years since Katrina and to me it looks like we are going backwards not forwards.  It makes no sence. Why give them the option to buy the cottage if all they are going to do is take them away with no or little notice.  

If you have any gripes for yourself or for a neighbor, family member or whom ever come and voice your openion.

Our next meeting will be :

Let’s talk about it.

When:   Thursday, May 6th, at 6:30 PM

Where:   Leo Seal Center, Waveland, 529 Hwy 90

Who:  All Cottage residents, MEMA officials welcome to attend

Why:  Share information about the end of the Cottage program and support each other.

Sponsored by the STEPS Coalition:  228-435-3113

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