Biloxi High School student charged with assaulting assistant principal




Police and school officials said a Biloxi High student is charged with a felony after he struggled to get his cell phone back from an assistant principal.

Police arrested Dreyon Drakkar Jackson, 18, Tuesday, charging him with simple assault on a school official. Jackson was held at the Harrison County jail on a $5,000 bond.

Detective Mike Brown said the administrator was confiscating Jackson’s cell phone when Jackson twisted the man’s arm while trying to grab the phone.

“The student kept bumping into him with his chest as the assistant principal tried to leave with the phone,” Brown said.

Cell phones confiscated from Biloxi High students are kept until the end of the school year.

The official did not require medical treatment, but the student “crossed the line,” said David Spinks, school district director of student services. “He was told over and over again to give up the phone.

“Any time a student lays a hand on a teacher or administrator in the process of discipline, a charge is filed.”

Spinks said administrators don’t believe the student intended to twist the official’s arm. Spinks did not identify the assistant principal by name.

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