Rally for school funding set

By MELISSA M. SCALLAN – mmscallan@sunherald.com

Educators, parents and students will hold a rally Saturday to call attention to the need for more education funding from the Legislature.

Organizers said it is a peaceful gathering with no speakers planned; rather, those who participate will wear red shirts and carry posters.

“We plan to gather and have signs that voice our opinion. The purpose is to put education in the forefront of legislators’ minds,” said Heather Blenden, principal at West Wortham Elementary and Middle School in Harrison County. “We want them to know that we are concerned about the cuts to K-12 education.”

It might be too late for the rally, though.

The Legislature on Wednesday approved a budget and sent it to Gov. Haley Barbour for him to sign.

Blenden said the biggest concern is funding for the Mississippi Adequate Education Program, which has decreased in the past few years.

“That is the core of education,” she said. “That’s not any frills or anything special. It’s what is necessary to education children.”

DeAnna Gossman has children who attend North Woolmarket schools, and she plans to attend the rally to show state officials education needs to be a priority.

“It’s important to me because my kids deserve not to be at the bottom,” she said. “They say education is important, but they choose to put money into other things and not education.”

The rally is open to all.

Read more: http://www.sunherald.com/2010/04/22/2123520/rally-for-school-funding-set.html#ixzz0lvEk20Hk


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