Two suspects with live meth lab, supplies charged

A call to central dispatch on Sunday about a possible burglary of a vehicle led to the arrest of two suspects for the possession of a live methamphetamine lab, Sheriif Steve Garber said Monday.

Narcotics Division Director Major Matt Karl said, “Kenneth Shipman, 30, and Bernie Gregory Necaise, 51, were arrested and charged with possession with intent to manufacture methamphetamine, and additionally charged with the generation of waste in the manufacture of a controlled substance. Bond was set at $100,000 for each suspect.

“Deputy Ed Merwin and Deputy Jerry Fleming responded to an area off Highway 43, on Wehee Camp Road, in reference to the call, and found two vehicles parked with a subject sitting in each. The deputies approached one of the vehicles and could smell a strong chemical odor – it was occupied by Necaise, and he gave a written consent to have the vehicle searched.

“During the search of the vehicle, deputies discovered an active meth lab and several precursors used in the manufacture of crystal meth. Agent Cody Spiers, who was on call, was contacted. Spiers contacted Agent Sgt. Abe Long and went to the scene. The deputies discovered several more precursors. Both Necaise and Shipman were taken into custody.”

Agents then called in a special clean-up crew.

“Since Necaise was out on bond from a previous meth arrest, the Narcotics Division is seeking to have that bond revoked,” Karl said. “Agent Spiers is in charge of the case.”

“This is an example where a call was received at central dispatch about a possible illegal activity taking place and two suspects were arrested,” Garber said. “Citizen input is very helpful to law enforcement and I request any resident suspecting any type of illegal activity taking place, to immediately call central dispatch at 228-255-9191. Deputies are on duty around the clock.”

BY Ellis C. Cuvas

The Sea Coast Echo

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