Southern star

Saucier teen’s sitcom, movie ready to premiere



When he’s not chillin’ with friends or playing paintball in the piney woods of Saucier, Israel Broussard is hangin’ in Hollywood with actors and meeting teen hearthrobs.

The contrasting lifestyle is like a roller-coaster ride for the 15-year-old South Mississippi native. His rural neighborhood’s so quiet you can hear the birds sing and the crickets chirp. It’s no longer unusual for a limousine to pick up the budding actor for a flight that lands him in the hustle, bustle and glamour of Los Angeles.

“It’s been way cool,” said Israel

The teen with tousled hair and boy-next-door good looks is here at home with his family now, awaiting the releases of his latest acting jobs in a television situation-comedy and a movie directed by Rob Reiner.

He has a recurring role in “Romantically Challenged,” an ABC sitcom that debuts at 8:30 p.m. on April 19. The star is Alyssa Milano from “Charmed,” a long-running television series. The movie, “Flipped,” premieres in September.

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