Work progressing on Coleman Avenue in Waveland

Waveland officials expect Coleman Ave. to open by end of summer


Coleman Avenue is Waveland’s most well known street. It’s a construction mess right now, but city leaders say residents won’t recognize Coleman Avenue when the work is finished, according to mayor Tommy Longo.  “It looks like a war zone if you will but there is an awful lot going on a number of contractors and sub-contractors working in the area to get it all complete but when it’s done it’s going to be a very spectacular project.”

The street is getting a major facelift designed to make it safer and more attractive for residents and tourists.  Work includes subsurface drainage to meet future needs, along with curves and gutters and new concrete streets. Antique lighting will be done as well as streetscaping and landscaping. 

The hope is that the restaurants and shops that use to line the avenue before Katrina will return when the work is finished.  The new city hall building is returning as well as a fire station right next door, a business incubator just across the street and the new Library on the corner of the street. Mayor Longo is hopeful about the future.  “It’s an economically driven project as much as an esthetics project for the city.”   

Nadine Brown, Owner C & R’s Lounge on Coleman Avenue can hardly wait to see the final product.  “It’s coming along a lot faster than I thought it would.” Brown said.  “They’re making progress every day and I’m looking forward to it being finished.”  

City leaders say she can expect that to happen before the end of this summer.   It’s a 2-million dollar plus project that is being funded by a State Community Development Block Grant, and  Katrina Recovery Funds. 

WLOX- ch 13

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