Sheriff seeking fugitive couple

A wife and husband are wanted on different charges stemming from caregiving for the husband’s mother, Hancock County Sheriff Steve Garber reports.

Sheriff’s Criminal Investigator Ricky Fayard, who is in charge of the case said, “Theresa Lynn Ladner, 41, is wanted on two counts of uttering forgery, while her husband, Jeffrey Lynn Ladner, 46, is wanted on two counts of simple assault.. Both reside at 4100 Lynn Drive, Kiln.

“Warrants for the … two were issued on February 22, and later when they could not be located, their names were turned over to United States Marshals.

“When Jeffrey Ladner’s father died in March of 2009, he and his wife were left to take care of his mother. At the time of Mr. Ladner (Sr.)’s death, there was some $26,000 left in the bank in savings accounts in (Jeffrey Ladner’) mother’s name. During the time since Mr. Ladner’s death, Theresa Ladner is alleged to have forged checks and transferred money from the savings account without her mother-in-law’s consent.

“Two older brothers were made aware of the missing savings and they approached Jeffrey Ladner to have him and his wife replace the money. At that time, Jeffrey Ladner is alleged to have assaulted his two older brothers.”

Investigator John Luther and Deputy Dan Beum, visited Theresa and Jeffrey Ladner’s residence and could not find them, Fayard said. Further searches were also made by Sheriff’s Warrant Office Eric Moran to no avail. At that time the warrants for the couple’s arrests were turned over to the U.S. Marshal’s Office for assistance.

Garber requests anyone, who may know where Theresa Lynn Ladner and Jeffrey Lynn Ladner may be located, please contact Investigator Fayard at 228-466-6900, or Central dispatch at 228-255-9191.

BY Ellis C. Cuevas

The Sea Coast Echo

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