No one admits to leaving noose in Moss Point Fire Department


Mayor Aneice Liddell said Monday that no city employee has admitted to leaving a noose in the living quarters of Moss Point Fire Department Capt. Rodger Mann, despite the questioning of Mann’s fellow firefighters and others about the incident.

Liddell said the city did confirm through its internal investigation that Mann did find the noose at the central Fire Department on March 1. Mann reported the incident to the city’s human resources director on March 3, and an internal investigation began.

The city also reported the find to the FBI, and Liddell said they are waiting for them to say whether they plan to fully investigate the matter. “We hope they think it’s serious enough to take on…,” she said.

If not, Liddell said the city plans to do whatever it takes, possibly even conducting lie detector tests, to get some answers.

“It’s going to be a costly process, but we are going to do whatever is necessary to get to the bottom of this,” Liddell said Monday. “In this day and time, it’s unbelievable that this is an issue we are confronted with. This is a serious issue.”

Mann, who has used up all of his accrued time off, asked for the NAACP’s assistance after the city refused to give him time off with pay. Mann said he’d used up all of his accrued time off and didn’t want to return to the job for fear “of being hurt.”

The city, Liddell said, asked Mann if he’d received any personal threats, and he had not. In addition, she said, the city offered Mann the chance to transfer to another station, but he declined.

Curley Clark, president of the Jackson County-Moss Point chapter of the NAACP, said the FBI has since questioned Mann. Mann has not yet returned to work.


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