CHEERS is trying to curtail drunk driving at universities

          Adam Horlock,

an Ole Miss student from Gulfport, joined CHEERS in 2007.

Parents of students at the University of Mississippi and the University of Southern Mississippi will be relieved to know that both schools have active chapters of Creatively Helping to Establish an Educated and Responsible Society.

The program not only discourages drinking but also puts responsibility on a group to identify one who will not drink alcoholic beverages before or during an outing to serve as a designated driver.

Local bars and establishments are enlisted to provide nonalcoholic beverages to anyone acting as a designated driver and to provide them with CHEERS cups and beverages and posters promoting CHEERS.

CHEERS sponsors drunk-driving awareness events and partners with university and city police departments, the Mississippi Highway Safety Patrol and other groups.

Adam Horlock, son of Steve and Ruthie Horlock and an Ole Miss student from Gulfport, got involved in the program in 2007 when he went to Ole Miss.

Friends asked him to help with the program that began at Ole Miss in the summer 2005.

The Highway Safety Patrol was its first major donor and endorsement in Spring 2006.

CHEERS was created at the University of St. Louis in 1986 by the Department of Transportation.

Horlock soon became coordinator of fundraising, press secretary, media relations and state coordinator for new chapters.

In his third term as fifth vice-president/chief administrative officer, he oversees CHEERS daily operation, corporate fundraising efforts and all expansion efforts of chapters across the state, region and nation.

A CHEERS chapter should be operating at Mississippi State University this Spring.

Chapters at the University of Notre Dame, Florida State University and the University of Florida also expect to open this year.

By ADA REID – Sun Herald

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