Mississippi leaders not happy with health care reform


The Democratic-controlled Congress has approved historic legislation extending health care to tens of millions of Americans who lack it and cracking down on insurance company abuses. The vote in the House was 219-212. Republicans were unanimously opposed. The bill now goes to President Barack Obama for his signature. The action late Sunday capped a yearlong quest by Obama and Democrats to overhaul the system and reshape a sixth of the economy.

Fourth district congressman Gene Taylor voted against the health reform bill.  “I do not support creating a whole new health care program, but I do support smaller reforms to make the current system more effective for taxpayers and consumers,” he said.

After the historic vote, republican Senator Roger Wicker sent out a statement that said, “Congressional democrats under Nancy Pelosi’s leadership apparently think they know better than the overwhelming majority of Americans.  If allowed to stand, this bill will put us on a path to European style socialized medicine, risking bankruptcy and our country.”

Governor Haley Barbour had this to say about the healthcare bill.  “I hope this healthcare plan covers hearing aids, because it’s clear Democrats who voted for it have not heard the majority of Americans who didn’t want government-controlled healthcare crammed down their throats.  States cannot sustain another massive, unfunded mandate.”

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