Mercy Cross gym opens to the public on Saturdays



Mercy Cross Gym is now open to the public every Saturday This gymnasium is has deep roots in Biloxi, it was once Notre Dame, then Mercy Cross. Now the City of Biloxi is in charge of the gym and wants to make sure it is still in operation.

The gym that sits on Crusaders Drive dates back to more than 30 years.

Senior Supervisor for the Parks and Recreation Department Tim Griffin says, “There’s a lot of rich history here at Mercy Cross.”

Original fixtures hang on the walls along with the court floor that was used many years ago. These items together symbolize the roots of the basketball court.

Rogena Barnes says, “If it’s out here I think it’s out here for a purpose. And it’s great to have people in the community utilize the resources, because you have to spend money to make these resources available. So we should take advantage of them.”

Biloxi city officials say many members in the East Biloxi community complained of the lack of recreational facilities, so they decided to make a change.

Tim Griffin says, “I don’t think they had been a public facility down here in about ten years, even before the storm. So it’s definitely a plus because there are a lot of kids on this side of town and grownups that don’t have nothing to do.”

Rogena Barnes says, “Oh it’s fantastic. It’s great to have these resources in the community and available to anyone to come out.”

Griffin says this is a blessing for the community and the turnout has exceeded their expectations.

“It’s actually been busy I keep a number a head count.” He continues, “I had a total of maybe 75 people in here together.”

The city is also putting in a new weight room for the public to use. Griffin says it should be complete with in the next couple of weeks.

The gym is open Monday through Friday 12 to 8 p.m. and on Saturdays from 9 a.m. – 1 p.m. You can also book special events, basketball games and dance practices. To do that, you can call the City of Biloxi Parks and Recreation Department at (228) 435-6281.

By Jessica Bowman

WLOX- ch 13

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