Hattiesburg episode of Extreme Makeover; Home Edition airs Sunday


Sunday, the whole country will witness a Hattiesburg family’s good fortune. The Heathcock family has a brand new home courtesy of the ABC show Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. Their episode airs at 7pm on WLOX-TV.

Construction crews, home designers and camera crews converged on South 18th Street in December, filling the neighborhood with excitement.

“These kids play out in the front yard with their older friends, and he’s overseas doing our battles for us. I just think it’s a great thing,” Brent Williams said of his neighbors, Sherman and Gina Heathcock.

“Well, whenever you’re helping someone who puts his life on the line every single day for our freedom, it makes it that much more special,” Show designer Johnny Littlefield said.

The TV show crew built the home with Hattiesburg volunteers and partners like AAA Homes

“Not just to do something wonderful for a family that is deserving, but it’s a chance to show the world how really great a community Hattiesburg is,” said Gary Fordham with AAA Home Builders.

The work was done in less than a week, and the reality show home became a reality for the Heathcocks.

“When that bus moved, I know for Sherman it felt like a 400 ton boulder had been lifted off of him,” Gina Heathcock said. “He knew he didn’t have to run that race anymore, that he could just be a dad and a husband.”

And what does the family think of their new home?

“Breathtaking, breathtaking,” Gina said. “It was more than we could have hoped for. It was beautiful.”

Sunday evening Gina and Sherman Heathcock will get to share their joy with the viewers across the nation. Remember, you can watch the show on WLOX-TV beginning at 7pm.

WLOX- ch 13

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