Community helps Back Bay Mission with food donations


Some recent studies show that Mississippians are the most generous people in the country when it comes to charitable giving. There is no greater example of that, than what happened this week at the Back Bay Mission in Biloxi.

The mission has been helping people since the 1920s in so many ways. The mission also has a food pantry at its Division Street location. In all those years, the mission has never run out of food to donate, but that almost happened this week.

It was Monday afternoon when we stopped by the mission. They had called WLOX because the need for donations of canned goods was immense. The pantry was nearly empty, which meant there would be no food to distribute to those who are hungry.

What a difference a few days, and some wonderful generous people can make. When we went back five days later, the pantry was brimming with food.

“Absolutely incredible,” is how the Back Bay Mission’s Jill Cartledge described the response to their call for help.

Just hours after the story aired people were already calling to ask what they could do. Some brought a bag or two of food while others came with nearly a truck load. Saturday, a family brought an estimated $700 worth of food.

Cartledge calls the people of South Mississippi as generous as any in the country.

“We have never ever stopped believing in the ability of this community that if somebody is struggling, the folks around here will rally to their support.”

Although they are immensely pleased with the food donations, Cartledge knows the need never ends. She asks anyone who has an interest to contact the mission, which is on Division Street in Biloxi.

The Mississippi Surge is also doing its part to help. The Surge will ask fans to bring a non perishable food item to their games March 26th and 27th. Those food items will be donated to the Back Bay Mission.

By Jeff Lawson

WLOX- ch 13


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