Alcee Hastings takes on Newt Gingrich

Planet Washington

Giving a spirited speech in favor of the health care bill, the Florida Democrat noted that former House Speaker Newt Gingrich has described the legislation as “a grand social experiment, a radical social experiment.

“Well in my congressional district, if it is that I am to help improve the coverage of 290,000 residents, give tax credits and other assistance to 177,000 families and 22,500 small businesses, put me in the radical column,” Hastings declared. “If it’s to improve Medicare, extend coverage to the 161,000 uninsured people in the district I’m priviledged to serve, then I’m radical. If it’s going to protect familes from bankruptcy, radicalize me. If it’s going to allow 60,000 young adults to obtain coverage in the congressional district I represent, then Newt, please note, that I’m radical.”


Democrates pick up crucial anti-abortion

House of Representatives Democrats picked up another important vote from an anti-abortion Democrat Sunday, as Rep. Marcy Kaptur, D-Ohio, said she’ll vote yes.

After discussing the matter with administration and congressional leaders, she told local television station WTVG “i’m not permitting fedral dollars to go for abortion” and that she “got assurances” that existing law will be maintained.
Support from anti-abortion Democrats is considered crucial if the party is to win the 216 needed to pass health care legislation. Votes are expected later Sunday.
To hear the Kaptur interview:

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