Waveland City Attorney Zach Butterworth resigns position

Waveland City Attorney Zach Butterworth resigned Wednesday evening, citing “personal reasons” for his departure.

The board of aldermen accepted Butterworth’s resignation with regrets and quickly named Butterworth’s protege’, Gary Yarborough, as the new full-time city attorney.

Butterworth, 60, said his decision had nothing to do with recent against the city.

He said the decision was more like a retirement from the public arena instead of a resignation.

“It’s nothing negative,” he said. “There is really about 10 reasons why. The main reason being, I need to spend more time with my family.”

Butterworth has served as city attorney for nearly a decade.
In recent years, his law partner, Yarborough, has assisted him in representing the city.

Since Hurricane Katrina, the city has faced increased legal representation needs, especially with the enormous amount of recovery projects and contractual issues.

Butterworth said he believes Yarborough is ready to be the full-time city attorney.

“Gary has been doing most of the work for a while now and it is time he starts getting paid for it,” Butterworth said. “I’m confident he will do a good job.”

Besides being city attorney, Butterworth has been a successful civil lawyer in Hancock County for decades.

He said he is going to continue to practice law locally, but he wanted to get away from the daily grind of representing the city.

“I’m not getting any younger,” he said.

His resignation will take effect on May 1.

In the meantime, Butterworth will continue to represent the city, while allowing Yarborough to take over the full-time duties.

Yarborough will receive the same pay schedule which Butterworth received.

The city attorney is paid a retainer fee of about $35

BY: Dwayne Bremer

The Sea Coast Echo


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