This is a comment sent to me and I felt that it should go into our blog for everyone to read.  She is so right in so many ways.

Regarding the Dunbar Ave. roadwork, the real Conflict of Interest is that the property owners adjacent to where the work is taking place have a friend who works for the City of Bay St. Louis.

Somehow that fact was never mentioned in last Monday nights City Council meeting. In fact, I would submit, the family that owns the property on all four sides of Dunbar Ave. and Main St., are guilty of neglect in the upkeep of said property. They are against the City trying to do economic improvements to the area, as evidenced by the rejection of sidewalk and lighting near Anthony’s Men’s Store, and any landscaping improvements, which is completely within City ‘Right of Way’.

The empty lot, which they said in the Council meeting, is a concern because “they would be limited in their access to” because of a one-way is pure hogwash. They will continue to have access on Main, Dunbar and State St. There has not been a functional building on that lot in over 20 years! Are they suddenly going to produce something now? The building to the south once housed ‘Loiacono’s Gym’, but for over 5 years has been a blighted ‘eye-sore’. The other side is hardly any better, with its massive parking lot that gets the occasional customer maybe two per week.
What have these derelict land owners done for this area of Main St. in the 70 years they’ve owned it? Absolutely nothing as far as I can tell, other than depreciate property values!
Because of their “fiefdom of blight” these derelict owners have raised a stink, and the family member who is a city employee is their “Conflict of Interest”. It’s no secret they have always wanted to buy the triangle property in question. And since they will never own it now, they want to spoil it for that business too. Meanwhile, they are ruining the other for-mentioned improvements, which benefit all citizens of Bay St. Louis.

I hope they are happy now.



You are right in so many ways. I use to live on St. John St. right around the cornor of this property. I remember a small building with an ulpostery shop on it. It has been well abanded long before Katrina came. BSL has done so much for their city, where Waveland has not. I wish they would get going. BSL is looking better and better as the days go by. Thanks for your comment.

Waveland Watchers


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