Maybe if speeders were naked …

This session of the Mississippi Legislature may do nothing to slow down motorists on rural roads, but it has gone out of its way to ensure that those roads are not lined with strip clubs.

For those who have not been paying attention, the Legislature again this year has refused to permit radar to be used to control speeding in unincorporated areas.

But the Legislature is more than willing to empower boards of supervisors to regulate sexually oriented businesses, such as strip clubs, in unincorporated areas.

Supervisors could have already done that, but they would have had to first impose a countywide system of zoning. And in some places, zoning is as unpopular as radar.

So to make life easier for supervisors and harder for strippers, the Legislature bypassed the countywide zoning requirement and authorized supervisors to clamp down on the scantily clad whenever and wherever they like.

These editorials represent the views of the Sun Herald editorial board, which consists of President-Publisher Glen Nardi, Vice President and Executive Editor Stan Tiner, Opinion Page Editor B. Marie Harris, Associate Editor Tony Biffle, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Flora S. Point and Marketing Services Director John McFarland. Opinions expressed by letter writers, columnists and cartoonists are their own.

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