Gov. Barbour weighs in on healthcare reform debate


Democrats in Washington say they are just a few votes shy of passing the healthcare reform bill.

On Tuesday, Governor Haley Barbour and state lawmakers weighed in with their opinions about this plan.

In a statement on the Governor’s web site, he said:

“Fifteen million people would be moved to the government-run medicaid program. This further strains a federal — state program where costs are already busting state budgets.”

Chairman of the House Health and Human Services committee, Representative Steve Holland, disagrees with the Governor. He says Medicare and Medicaid is the answer to Mississippi’s health problems.

“There will probably be provisions in this health care bill to take better care of the Medicare and Medicaid program, which is so important to the citizens of the state of Mississippi,” Holland said.

Senator Terry Burton agrees with the Governor and thinks more funding to these state and federal programs will drain the pockets of Mississippians.

“In addition to what they’re going to have to paying out of their own pockets for their own insurance, they’re going to have to be paying taxes to help medicaid recipients with their insurance as well,” Burton said.

However, Holland is adamant that this healthcare plan is the right thing for Americans, and says he’s heard many troubled stories of those lacking health care. “I wish everybody in the general public can hear the sad stories that I hear of health care gone array everyday in my life.”

Meanwhile, President Obama has voiced that his plan has received bi-partisan support, but the Governor says this isn’t the case.

“Fifty-three percent of Americans oppose this health care plan. The only bi-partisan about is the opposition to it,” Barbour said.

The Senate and House of Representatives are still debating back and forth about the “right” means to go about passing this legislation. However, the President is pushing for passage before Easter.

By Ashley Conroy

WLOX- ch 13

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