Census forms arrive this week in South Mississippi


The 2010 Census forms will hit mailboxes around South Mississippi this week. There are just ten questions total, but you do have to answer questions about everyone living in your household.

The Census Bureau wants to stress the process is simple, and will take less than ten minutes. If you simply fill it out and mail in the form, no one will have to come to your home.

The Census information is used to help determine federal funding the comes to our state and local governments and school districts. It also determines Congressional representation. After the 2000 Census, Mississippi lost a seat in Congress because of population shifts.

A Look at the 2010 Census Questionnaire

The Census mailing package includes a cover letter, the 2010 Census form and a postage-paid return envelope. Click here to view an interactive version of the 2010 Census Form.

The 2010 Census asks the following questions:

1. The number of people living in the residence

2. Any additional people that might be living there as of April 1, 2010

3. Whether the residence is owned or rented

4. Telephone number (in case the Census Bureau has follow-up questions)

5. Name

6. Sex

7. Age and date of birth

8. Whether of Hispanic origin

9. Race

10. Whether that person sometimes lives somewhere else

Census forms are available upon request in six languages: English, Spanish, Chinese (Simplified), Korean, Vietnamese and Russian. For the first time, bilingual English/Spanish forms will be mailed out to 13 million households where Spanish is the predominant language spoken at home. Braille and large print forms are also available on request. For the hearing impaired, a TDD program is available at 1-866-738-2010.

For more information about the 2010 Census, visit http://2010.census.gov/2010census/.

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