March to Fulfill the Dream

“The dispossessed of this nation — the poor, both white and

Negro live in a cruelly unjust society. They must organize

 a revolution against that injustice, not against the lives

of persons who are their fellow citizens, but against

the structures through which the society is refusing to

take means which have been called for, and which are

at hand, to lift the load of poverty.”
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., 1967

The March to Fulfill the Dream launches on April 4, 2010. This significant

 date is Easter Sunday, as well as the anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.’s

 assassination. We begin in New Orleans, Louisiana and finish our march

 in Detroit, Michigan on June 20, 2010 for the U.S. Social Forum.

We demand guaranteed healthcare and housing for everyone in the

United States.

Rising from the ruins of economic storms, we unite – poor people,

 homeless people, social workers, activists, artists, musicians,

people of faith, students, healthcare workers, lawyers, and more – we rebuild!

Join us. Build the movement to end poverty!

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