St. Martin man sentenced to 20 years for wife’s murder


A St. Martin man will spend 20 years in prison for stabbing and killing his wife in 2008. Wednesday, Judge Kathy King Jackson gave 68-year-old Thomas Carr the maximum sentence for manslaughter.

Carr could only shake his head when he heard the decision.   

“Twenty years is the most you can get based on heat of passion manslaughter the jury found him guilty of,” Jackson County District Attorney Tony Lawrence said.

Two years ago, sheriff’s deputies arrested Carr and charged him with stabbing his wife 19 times with a kitchen knife.  During Carr’s trial, defense attorneys tried to blame his son for the crime. But the prosecution argued the 68-year-old confessed to police he killed his wife of 47 years during a heated argument.

“The evidence was overwhelming that he was involved in the stabbing of his wife. It is an unfortunate incident, but we think justice was served,” Lawrence said. 

Margie Carr’s family members say they’ve been praying for justice since that horrible day. 

“It was a crime and they were trying to act like it was my sister’s fault and it wasn’t,” Margie Carr’s brother Mark Carpenter said. “He could have left at anytime if he didn’t like the marriage. He could have left.” 

Carpenter admits his sister’s death and the trial have been emotionally draining for the family.  At times, Carpenter worried if Thomas Carr would not face any jail time.

“We know there is an appeal process, which sometimes you can get out on, which we wouldn’t agree with at all,” Mark Carpenter said. “We think he should have to stay in jail.”

Carpenter said seeing Carr sentenced helps bring closure, but it can’t erase the terrible loss.

Carr’s son, Thomas Wayne Carr, is charged as an accessory after the fact to murder in connection with the stabbing death of his mother. His trial is set for May 3.

By Patrice Clark

WLOX- ch 13

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