Health bill is “an entirely new line of attack” on House Democrats, says GOP

Planet Washington

Republicans Monday unveiled a game plan for countering the Democrats’ march to pass health care legisilation, advising candidates about what the GOP calls the “broad political toxicity of the Democrats’ health care agenda.”

And, they say, “a vote for this bill opens an entirely new line of attack on House Democrats.

“By supporting this bill, your opponent would go on record in support of the Cornhusker Kickback, the Louisiana Purchase, and every other backroom deal cut to sneak the legislation through the Senate,” wrote Johnny DeStafano, deputy director of the National. Republican Congressional Committee, in a memo to candidates.

The House of Representatives is expected to soon consider the Senate’s $871 billion health care bill. If it passes–and it passed the Senate Dec. 24–another bill is expected to be considered. That measure would fix items in the Senate bill House Democrats dislike, and would require approval of both Houses.

House Democratic leaders hope to finish the votes by the spring recess, which is to begin March 26.

But they’re in for some big political fights. It will take 216 House votes to pass the bill, and 39 Democrats voted against the House version in November.

.As a result, the memo advises GOP candidates to take several steps, including:

–“Hold town halls;

  • –Organize voters to call, e-mail, and write your Democrat opponent;
  • — Urge people to stay informed of the latest health care developments by visiting the Project Code Red website at;  
  • — Link your supporters directly to our concerted effort by adding the Code Red widget at to your website;
  • — Employ as many communications avenues as possible in order to let your supporters know that Republicans are making an all-out effort to stop the Democrats’ health care agenda. Be sure to use the #gopcodered hash tag on Twitter whenever you discuss Washington’s runaway health care agenda.”

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