Grenade found in Jackson garbage truck




Jackson police are trying to determine how a hand grenade ended up in the back of a garbage truck Monday morning.

Det. Loris Taylor, commander of the JPD bomb squad, said the Waste Management truck driver immediately threw the grenade, pin intact, into a vacant lot after discovering the device around 7 A.M. Then, the driver called Jackson police

The lot is located at the corner of John Street and Williamson Avenue, just off Woodrow Wilson, in the Medical Mall District.

The JPD bomb squad took steps to render the potentially dangerous device safe.

“What we did, we went through some of the protocol in the bomb community to determine what’s live and what’s not and we did that. We went through it,” said Det. Taylor. “Unfortunately, I can’t be specific in how we do things when it comes to dealing with explosive devices.”

No one was evacuated, because grenades have a relatively small kill radius, but officials shut down the area immediately surrounding the grenade.

“This is an ideal situation, which unfortunately we don’t come across a lot of ideal situations but this one is perfect,” said Det. Taylor.

And after inspecting the grenade, the bomb squad discovered, it wasn’t live. If it was, that could have made for a potentially deadly situation.

“It could have been discovered by children, someone walking through who may not have known what they were dealing with, it could have easily gone off and caused great harm or death,” said Det. Taylor.

Officials have pinpointed the nearby home where the grenade was found, but wouldn’t release the address. Meanwhile, Pearline Boone said she no longer feels safe in the neighborhood she’s called home for nearly 20 years.

“I said Lord, a real live grenade! I couldn’t believe it, till I heard it,” said Boone, a two-year-old girl playing next to her.

Officials are still investigating the situation.

By Monica Hernandez

WLOX- ch 13

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