Group of senior citizens building homes in Hancock

Hancock County

Rollin “Rollie” Mosher doesn’t get up in the peaks of houses these days. But he still swings a hammer and hangs drywall with the best and youngest.

Mosher was in Hancock County again this week as one of the Indy Tiger Team, a group that has volunteered with Habitat for Humanity on numerous occasions since Hurricane Katrina. This trip, they labored in Kiln on a Habitat home being built at 22105 Rayvan Lane, off Mississippi 603.

Most frequently, volunteers who come to help the Habitat Bay-Waveland organization seem to be fresh-based youngsters from around the nation. Not so with Tigers, who hail from Indianapolis, Ind.

Their average age hovers somewhere around 70. Mosher himself is 87. “Rollie doesn’t let his age slow him down one bit,” said Habitat spokesman Dave Walker.

“Rollie has forgotten more than I know,” said John Pear, the Indy Tiger group leader, who is a relatively modest 64. He said the group began after Katrina with a mission to New Orleans, but has since volunteered eight times in Hancock County, coming twice each year.

All the Indy Tigers are retirees. Pear is a retired engineering manager and Mosher had a long architectural career, planning and designing churches for the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).

This trip, the group arrived last Sunday and worked until Friday, when they left to play a little golf and visit New Orleans. During the job, Mosher did carpentry work on window frames and hung drywall.

“I don’t climb ladders any more,” he said.

The Tigers are affiliated with Habitat of Greater Indianapolis, and have also hosted volunteers from Hancock County up in their city.

“They work hard, complain little, and do outstanding work,” Walker said.

BY: J.R. Welsh

The Sea Coast Echo


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