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March 31, 2010

March to Fulfill the Dream

March 31, 2010

National Education, Organizing, Arts and Culture Center

Education for Empowerment

The Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign (PPEHRC) is the nation’s largest organization working to end poverty that is actually led by poor people. We are a coalition of over 125 poor people’s groups and allies from across the country. At our new National Center in Philadelphia we will connect poor people and their organizations with media professionals, artists, students, social workers, members of the religious community, teachers, and labor leaders to provide critical exchanges that develop the leadership, analysis, strategy, relationships, resources, and skills necessary to build the movement to end poverty.

Register for a Course

Anyone may attend our free school. Classes are available in Spanish. Please contact us now for more information and to register for any of these courses:

Zero Evictions and Foreclosures
Stay in your home after it’s been foreclosed. When other options don’t work, use nonviolent civil disobedience to challenge the banks, resist eviction, and build community support to keep your house.

Community Organizing
Pick an issue, launch a campaign, mobilize the community, and win victories.

Media and Communication
Use independent and corporate media to successfully share your story with the world.

Nonviolent Civil Disobedience
Use nonviolence to dramatize and escalate your struggle, pressure power holders, and win change.

Youth Empowerment(for youth participants and allies)
Support youth leadership and be a young leader in your community.

Contact the School

PPEHRC National Education, Organizing, Arts and Culture Center
Atonement Church
1542 E. Montgomery Ave.
Philadelphia, PA 19125
Phone: 267-273-0932

Registered sex offender detained in DeSoto Parish

March 31, 2010

Brian Douglas Horn (Source DeSoto Parish Sheriff's Office Website)

 Brian Douglas Horn (Source DeSoto Parish Sheriff’s Office Website)


 Investigators from DeSoto Parish have arrested 34-year-old Brian Douglas Horn, a registered sex offender, for the alleged murder of a 12-year-old Stonewall, LA boy.

Investigators say Justin M. Bloxom was last seen at a home on Douglas Lane in Stonewall, Louisiana.

Police say that Horn, a taxi driver who worked out of Bossier City, allegedly murdered the boy.

Efforts to track Horn down led to Action Taxi on Barksdale Boulevard in Bossier City, where employees were told by police to be on the lookout for him and to call immediately if he showed up, which he did a short time later.

However Horn didn’t stay long, leaving his taxi behind. It’s the one authorities believe was seen near where the little boy’s body was found.

Horn’s boss said he worked for Action Taxi for just 10 days. He said Horn kept to himself and  didn’t make friends. Horn’s boss knew he was a registered sex offender, but felt he couldn’t discriminate against him when it came to giving him job.

Authorities say Horn was properly registered as a sex offender in DeSoto Parish.

He is now charged with 2nd degree murder.

 Register sex offender charged for alleged murder of 12 y.o. boy

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  • WLOX- ch 13

    Hancock Co. woman struggles to get out of FEMA trailer

    March 31, 2010


    Following Hurricane Katrina, at the height of the federal government’s temporary housing program, there were 44,000 coast residents in FEMA trailers. FEMA now says, nearly five years after the storm, that number is down to about 260, including 32 in Hancock County.

    One of those residents never dreamed she’d still be calling a FEMA trailer home nearly 60 months after Katrina struck. Pamela Debaun said living in the cramped quarters for nearly five years has been no picnic.

    “It’s almost like being in jail, it feels like sometimes. Everything is on top of everything else. There’s no where to put anything because there is very little storage space.”

    What she had hoped would be a temporary roof over her head has been home for far too long.

    “I thought a year at the most. It’s a good thing we can’t know the future, because I probably would have just fallen over.”

    Some coast residents will be able to identify with the reason Debaun is still in a FEMA trailer. 

    “I’m out of money and I couldn’t finish fixing the house.”

    Fortunately she’s getting help with her house from the volunteer organization LESM Mission on the Bay. The group’s director, Elizabeth Wheatley-Jones, said Debaun is not alone.

    “Daily, we work with folks still living in FEMA trailers, MEMA cottages, and even storage containers, sheds, anything that is not really habitable at this point.”

    Debaun can’t say exactly when her house will be finished enough to occupy, but she said with the help she’s now getting, moving in could possibly happen before Katrina’s 5th anniversary.

    “I float on a cloud every time I walk in my house and something else is done and it looks more like home,” Debaun said.

    “The reality is it just takes a long time to put this many people back into homes and back on the road to some new normal,” Wheatley-Jones said.

    DeBaun said she did apply for a MEMA cottage, but because of an issue with her mortgage company, she could not meet the qualifications for getting one.

    Debaun’s tough road to recovery story will be featured in an upcoming edition of USA TODAY.

    By Al Showers

    WLOX- ch 13

    Former executive sentenced today for illegal workers

    March 31, 2010


    Wednesday, former Howard Industries executive Jose Humberto Gonzalez, who pleaded guilty in December to one count of conspiracy in the nation’s largest workplace raid on illegal immigrants, will learn his sentence.

    In August 2008, authorities arrested more than 600 people in a raid of the electrical transformer plant. Several of the illegal immigrants were convicted of identity theft and deported.

    Gonzalez faces up to five years in jail. He will be sentenced later today in U.S. District Court in Hattiesburg.

    WLOX- ch 13

    State Farm wants rate increase on Louisiana residences

    March 31, 2010
    By ALAN SAYRE – The Associated Press


    State Farm Fire and Casualty Co., Louisiana’s largest residential insurer, is asking for an average 9.9 percent rate increase for homeowners coverage.

    The filing with the Department of Insurance comes just over a month after Insurance Commissioner Jim Donelon rejected the company’s request for an average 19.1 percent rate hike. Donelon called that proposal unreasonable and unjustified.

    State Farm received an average 8.3 percent increase last year in Louisiana after asking for 13.7 percent.

    Although the average rate hike would be 9.9 percent, hurricane-vulnerable coastal areas would bear the brunt. The New Orleans region would see a 17.7 percent increase while rates in the Lake Charles region would go up 22.5 percent, said State Farm spokeswoman Brooke Cluse.

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    Easter brings memories of family dinners, sweets

    March 31, 2010

              Colorful Easter eggs in basket and grass

    (Theresa Schiffer/Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel/MCT)

            KRT FOOD STORY SLUGGED: REALCOOK-EASTER KRT PHOTOGRAPH BY NICK KOON/ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER (KRT16- April 17) For many, no Easter celebration is complete without a ham. Pictured, Roast Fresh Ham Castilian Style. (OC) AP PL KD 2000 (Horiz) (lde) (Additional photos available on KRT Direct, KRT/PressLink or upon request) — NO MAGS, NO SALES —

              EASTERHAM KRT PHOTOGRAPH BY PHIL MASTURZO/AKRON BEACON JOURNAL (KRT2 – March 29) Thanksgiving might be a turkey, but Easter is definitely a ham.

    Spring is finally here and Easter is Sunday. Children and adults alike enjoy receiving an Easter basket filled with goodies such as chocolate bunnies, jellybeans, marshmallow Peeps, dyed Easter eggs and plastic eggs filled with candy or other treasures. Easter is also a special time for family and friends to gather, share a meal and celebrate.

    I think there are a few kid-favorite candies that are a must for any Easter basket — a chocolate Easter Bunny, jellybeans and marshmallow Peeps. These three Easter sweets have been around for as long as I can remember. Another yummy basket addition and requested favorite at my house is the Cadbury chocolate egg.

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    Suspect in several thefts no match for K-9

    March 31, 2010


    A stolen lunch box and other suspicious activity at a construction site led to a man’s capture by K-9 officer, and his arrest on multiple felony charges.

    Jason E. Conaway, 31, was a suspect in several criminal investigations when he was spotted Monday on 28th Street north of Long Beach, Harrison County Sheriff’s Capt. Carl Rhodes said.

    Conaway was seen stealing a green lunch box from one vehicle and doing something under another vehicle, Rhodes said.

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    Gulfport men accused of burglarizing shed Ammo, trailer among items stolen

    March 31, 2010

    Lampkin                                                       Hanzalik

    Police in neighboring cities said two Gulfport men are accused of stealing numerous items including a 17-foot cargo trailer and thousands of rounds of ammunition.

    Gulfport and Biloxi police have arrested Joseph Hanzalik and Todd Lampkin on charges including grand larceny, burglary and possession of stolen property.

    The ammo and other items were stolen during the burglary of a shed Jan. 29. Gulfport police said the shed is rented from a storage business in the 9100 block of Lorraine Road. On Saturday someone tried to break into the shed again, police said.

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    Police search for Jane Doe’s identity

    March 31, 2010

    Woman says she does not know who she is



    Police need help identifying a woman found at a gas station Monday.

    She was discovered by Sgt. Clay Necaise at 8:37 p.m. when he went to investigate a 911 hang-up at the Waveland Exxon at U.S. 90 and Mississippi 603, Chief James Varnell said.

    “When Sgt. Necaise attempted to interview the female she stated that she did not know who she is, where she lived, where she came from or how she got there,” he said.

    It is not known if the woman made the call, investigator Laura Stepro said.

    American Medical Rescue took her to Hancock Medical Center, where she was admitted as a Jane Doe, he said.

    She was wearing a purple shirt, black pants, black sandals and a gold-and-silver watch with the inscription “Love, Dream and Believe.”

    The woman is white, in her mid-30s, about 5-feet, 7-inches tall and weighs about 300 pounds.

    She has a scar under her left eye.

    Anyone with information concerning the woman’s identity is asked to call central dispatch at 255-9191.

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