Tell the Senate to Protect Consumers Against Irresponsible Banks

Few dispute the fact that greedy big bank CEOs and their 1,500 lobbyists bought policies in Washington over the last 10 years that have led to the economic crash.

Now in the wake of massive irresponsibility and insider self-dealing by the banks, we have our best chance in a generation to pass common sense reforms that protect consumers.

Tell the Senate to shift power away from big bank CEOs and back to consumers >

A proposed Consumer Financial Protection Agency that promotes accountability, responsibility, and effective oversight will take the power away from the Wall Street-friendly Federal Reserve Board and put it into the hands of an independent agency. This agency would crack down on exorbitant fees and deceptive practices of credit card companies, mortgage brokers, and others who prey on hard-working Americans.

But it is being fought by big bank lobbyists in the Senate with the usual scare tactics.

It’s time for us to stand up against this greed. Your Senator needs to hear from you that it is unacceptable to allow big bank CEOs and their lobbyists to kill consumer protection.

Big banks took billions in taxpayer money from the bailout, and then their CEOs handed out big bonuses to themselves while homes were lost, jobs were destroyed, and businesses closed. Washington has rewarded the big bank CEOs for their incompetency time and time again. This time, let’s get it right.

Take action now to support consumers over big banks >

Thanks adding your voice,

– The Team in partnership
   with CREDO Action

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It is unacceptable to allow big bank lobbyists to kill consumer protection.


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