Professional rodeo back on the coast


Things are getting fired up today at the Coast Coliseum.  Tons of dirt has been hauled in and laid out to make room for professional rodeo, a show that has been missing since Katrina.

Stock contractor Bo Campbell is busy overseeing the operation, which involves countless hours of work.  He’s glad to be back.  “Well we’re real happy to be back.” Campbell said.  “We had the finals here for 12 years and of course, the hurricane run us off but we’re back with the largest number of contestants that’s ever been on the Mississippi gulf coast.” 

Outside, the rodeo animals are getting ready to take the stage themselves.  The calm before the dusty storm.  

It’s been four and half a years since the rodeo came to the Coast Coliseum, four and half years since Katrina struck here and folks are really looking forward to getting things back to normal at the coast coliseum.  That according to Coliseum assistant director Matt McDonnell.  “Well anytime you can bring back a mainstay event that you had it’s always a good thing, slowly but surely our events are coming back.”

Rodeo veteran Campbell sees the change underway. “They got construction going on left and right, and it’s really a big change since I was here last.”

But it’s a change for the better.  Things are really beginning to look up at the coliseum, and people can expect barrels full of fun this weekend.

By Doug Walker (WLOX)


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