Plans for Moss Point’s downtown, schools in the works

Moss Point School Superintendent Kim Staley


Moss Point School Superintendent Kim Staley said on Thursday that the district and city are quickly moving in the right direction.

Staley and Moss Point Mayor Aniece Liddell partnered to host a state-of-the-city, and school district, address at Pelican Landing Convention Center in Moss Point on Thursday.

More than 200 residents and parents attended the event.

Part of Staley’s presentation focused on state testing for students.

“Victory starts in the classroom. We are coming up with an accountability model for testing our students that does not make Mississippi look so bad,” Staley said. “I can tell you that testing does not reveal everything about us. We have many students going on to college and doing very well.”

Charlotte Richardson is a parent of a Moss Point High School senior and agrees the district is showing great progress.

“Moss Point has had a stability problem with teachers coming and going and staff changes but without a doubt the behavior, attitude and progress of the students here has improved greatly,” Richardson said. “My son, Joshua, is graduating with honors and also plays basketball and is in track. The AP courses offered in the district have helped him and he will go on to college to major in sports medicine. The programs are working here.”

Liddell discussed plans for downtown and economic development in the city.

This was the newly elected mayor’s first state-of-the-city address.

Liddell said Rome was not built in a day and asked people to understand that projects take time.

“On the other hand, I know that our citizens have been waiting far too long to see progress, so we are working as fast as we can to show them that we are moving in the right direction,” she said.



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