Pawnshop owner accused of failing to provide records



 The owner of an Ocean Springs pawn shop could have his license to operate suspended or revoked for refusing to turn his records over to the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department, according to Sheriff Mike Byrd.

Jerry Wayne Frayser, 57, and the owner of Jerry’s Shooting Irons & Pawn on U.S. 90, was arrested Friday and charged with prohibited acts of a pawnbroker.

Frayser is accused of refusing to supply his business records to the Sheriff’s Department upon request last week. The sheriff said an arrest warrant was issued for Frayser on Friday.

State law says that pawn shop owners are required to show their records to the appropriate law enforcement agency, the Attorney General, the commissioner of public safety or any other authorized state and federal law enforcement officer.

Frayser said Wednesday that he doesn’t feel he’s done anything wrong and is hiring an attorney to represent him.

“I try to be an outstanding citizen, and this is really an ugly mark,” Frayser said. “I have filed my reports with the city (of Ocean Springs) for 24 years. I feel like I am following the law.

“I’ve provided them to the city every week and never had anybody but the city ask for them.

“I think it’s just a misunderstanding.”

As a result of the charge, the sheriff said, the Department of Banking and Consumer Finance could suspend or revoke Frayser’s license to operate.



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