Pathologist says woman had 19 stab wounds, black eye



 Margie Faye Carr had a black eye, 19 stab wounds and defensive wounds to her hands when a forensic pathologist examined her body after she was murdered on June 20, 2008, at her St. Martin home, a pathologist testified Wednesday.

Forensic Pathologist Paul McGarry said that 15 of the stab wounds to the 66-year-old wife and mother pierced the area between her lower chest and lower abdomen. McGarry said the deepest wound was 7 1/2 inches deep and consistent with the type of injury a kitchen knife found on her body would cause.

Carr’s husband, Thomas Carr, 68, is on trial for his wife’s murder this week in Jackson County Circuit Court. One of the couple’s three sons, Thomas Wayne Carr, is facing a charge of accessory after the fact to murder,.

The elder Carr, who initially was charged with manslaughter before a grand jury later indicted him of murder, is accused of stabbing his wife to death at their Parker Road home.

In opening arguments, the state alleged that Carr killed his wife but then called 911 and lied.

Defense attorneys George Shaddock and Calvin Taylor said that Carr acted in self defense when he stabbed his wife after she confronted him first.

In a taped interview with Jackson County Sheriff’s Lt. Ken McClenic, Carr initially tells investigators that he found his wife dead on the kitchen floor, a knife lying on her chest, after he and his son returned home after a run to get hamburgers and ice cream.

He said earlier in the day his wife had gotten mad at their son Thomas Wayne Carr because when he was mowing the lawnmower scraped a shed. He said she got mad at him because he couldn’t find the directions for the lawnmower.

The elder Carr, a retired member of the military, also said that “he tried to love” his wife of more than 40 years. “I don’t love her,” he told the detective in the first interview, “but I didn’t hurt her.”

Carr described his wife as a control freak and said though she went to church regularly and was known as Christian, she often called him and their three sons names.

In a second taped interview with McClenic, the detective said Carr admitted to being the one who killed his wife.

At the crime scene, McClenic said “it appeared somebody attempted to clean up.”

Testimony in the trial resumes today before Circuit Court Judge Kathy King Jackson.



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