Council eyes new city website

Bay St. Louis

City officials got a preview this week of the new Bay St. Louis computer Web site, an improved and expanded version of the current limited Web site, which viewers often have difficulty even accessing.

Web developer Betty Ruth Hawkins told City Council members the new site will be “a working Web site,” with links to pages on tourism, education, the city’s governmental structure, and many other topics.

Although the new site is still a work in progress, Hawkins said, it should be available online soon.

The site will have the capability to show quick-time movies, but will not be able to carry footage of actual City Council meetings. They just take too long.

“The availability of bandwidth is not sufficient to show two-hour meetings,” Hawkins told the council.

However, the site will tell online visitors a great deal about Bay St. Louis and how it works. It will include a section called “What’s Going On,” with news items on city matters and events. Other topics included will be sections on the mayor’s office, the City Council, meeting information, and council agendas for upcoming meetings.

Each City Council member will have a page on the site, as well as the ability to link to their own constituent newsletters.

There will also be access to information on municipal departments and divisions, local school performance test scores, boards and commissions, and parks and facilities. In addition, the site will offer updated information on various services, trash pickup, street closings, and other items.

“We’re expecting everything up and running by March 1,” Hawkins said.

BY: J.R. Welsh

The Sea Coast Echo


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