Poor Peoples Economic
Human Rights Campaign


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

MN PPEHRC: Update as of 2/16/2010

On Standby…As our governor cuts scant resources to the poorest, we await
decisions by the rich and powerful.

Barbara Byrd still is in her home and has heard not one word from her
bank since October of ’09. Her law suit filed against them in court
still stands.

Linda Norenberg remains in her home, waiting for her bank to offer her
affordable terms in writing to follow up on their verbal offer over
the phone.

Leslie Parks, still in her home, is looking for a reference from any
of you for a reliable, honest appraiser. The bank’s appraiser came in
with a valuation report, and now she needs a second opinion before
proceeding with negotiations. Please reply to this email if you know
of a good realtor and/or appraiser. Thank you.

Ann Patterson is unsure may have received final word from her bank.
Their verbal terms were uonafforable. She is determined to bring about
a resolution soon.

As each situation changes, TIME IS ON OUR SIDE. We keep on learning
while we wait. You won’t want to miss the video below passed along by
Ann Galloway that explains why IndyMac One West bank resists
remodifying loans:


And remember there IS grass beneith all that snow- to inspire us in
our grass roots organizing where lies the power of the people. Carry
on everybody!
Minnesota Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign
PO Box 6316
MPLS, MN 55406-9998

posted by Arun @ 8:17 PM

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