Police hunt bank robber

Suspect from Whitney Bank robbery          Photo courtesy of Biloxi Police Department Police are searching for a suspect in a robbery this morning at Whitney Bank on Pass Road and have released surveillance pictures from the bank. Anyone who recognizes the suspect or knows where he is should call Biloxi police to 392-0641 or the crime-unit tip line, 435-6159.


A manhunt was under way Monday after a robber wearing a ball cap with a picture of a skull on it fled from a holdup at the Whitney Bank on Pass Road.

K-9 units followed the robber’s scent, and police with guns drawn stopped cars in surrounding areas as they looked for the suspect.

Police Lt. Bobby Darden said the robbery was reported at 10:56 a.m. The robber showed a note that implied he had a gun, Darden said.

Police released bank surveillance pictures of the robber shortly after the heist. The robber got away with an undisclosed amount of money.

Investigator Steve Schlict said the skull on the robber’s cap is The Punisher, a character popularized by Marvel Comics. The Punisher is a vigilante.

Police showed pictures from bank security cameras to area stores that sell the logo caps. Police also were checking to see if the robber stopped at a different bank first.

“It’s not unusual for a bank robber to go to one bank and get nervous and leave but go on to a different bank,” Schlict said.

The bank at 2506 Pass Road has been robbed three times since 2008. It was one of several banks targeted by the Billy Goat Bandit in a crime spree. The FBI gave Gary Clayton Walker that nickname because of his scruffy appearance. He’s serving prison time for robbing six banks in Mississippi and two in Alabama.

The Billy Goat Bandit also wore a ball cap. Several area banks began prohibiting customers from entering with caps, hoods and sunglasses after his heists.

Police said Whitney Bank’s corporate office does not have a ban here on those accessories.

The bank also was robbed in October 2009. The suspect and two alleged accomplices were caught the next day.

  A bank robber wore this type of cap in a holdup at a Whitney Bank in Biloxi. The robber’s cap has a skull. The skull is the image of The Punisher, a Marvel Comics character known as a vigilante.

  Biloxi police at the scene of a bank robbery at Whitney Bank on Monday morning in Biloxi.

To give a tip

Anyone who recognizes the man who robbed Whitney Bank on Monday or knows of his whereabouts is asked to call the Biloxi Police Department. The numbers:

@BR Boxtext bold lede colon:Police dispatchers: 392-0461.

Crime-unit tipline: 435-6159.

By ROBIN FITZGERALD – rfitzgerald@sunherald.com

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