Police taser man at his own Super Bowl party

A 62-year-old Waveland man was arrested during a Super Bowl party at his home on Longo Street Sunday evening and later transported to the hospital because he was tasered by police, officials said Tuesday.

Details are still sketchy, but both Waveland Police Chief Jimmy Varnell and the person arrested–David Marquar–verified the incident took place. “We are the most open department you will ever find,” Varnell said Tuesday. “But someone said something about a lawsuit, therefore, I have been directed to send all questions about the incident to the city attorney.”

Assistant City Attorney Gary Yarborough said Tuesday that information about the incident involving Marquar is still being collected.

“Mr. Marquar was arrested on Sunday evening, but that is about all we can say right now,” Yarborough said.

Marquar also said he has been advised not to make any comments about the incident. Marquar said he was obtaining an attorney to represent him in the case, but he did not specify if it was a defense attorney or a civil litigation attorney.

Marquar was released from police custody on his own recognizance and released from the hospital Monday,, family members said. Court records show that Marquar was charged with disturbance of the peace, disorderly conduct, and resisting arrest. He has an arraignment set for April 1 in Waveland Municipal Court.

The Echo has filed a records request with the city of Waveland for complete details of the incident.

BY: Echo Staff Reporter

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