Portland Organizing to Win Economic Rights

POWER’s Mission
Portland Organizing to Win Economic Rights is a grassroots anti-poverty action group led by poor & low-income people. United with all those who align with this mission, together we’re building a local movement to win economic rights for all, end economic oppression, & abolish poverty. When we unite to claim our rights, together we have POWER!

### Message 1
>From our friends at Maine Association for Interdependent Neighborhoods.

MAIN leadership team contacts:
Barbara Rankins, 513-6292; Heather Curtis, 899-9671;
Tammy Trask, 968-2009; Tracey Hair, 843-7847;
Vickie McCarty, 546-7569; Dot Treadwell, 782-4624
MAIN website:www.peacebreadjustice.org

Join us Thursday,  September 10th in Portland
Maine Association of Interdependent Neighborhoods
Statewide Monthly Meeting
10:00 am to 2:00 pm (lunch provided)
Woodford's Congregational Church
202 Woodford St. Portland, Maine
Some travel and childcare reimbursement available 
at the meeting.

Each year in September and October, MAIN travels to 
different parts of the state to hold our monthly meeting. 
We hope you'll join us to tell us about:
* What's going in your life and community; &
* What you'd like to work with us on to make life better 
for people with low

Members & non-members are welcome!

*Introductions/Networking: 10:00
Time to share a bit about yourself, and what's going 
on in your life, your community, or in groups you work 
with. This is a great time to share announcements about 
events and actions. It's also a good time to talk about
what's going on in your community or group to work on 
problems or issues that affect the lives of people with 
low income!
*Maine Equal Justice Partners (MEJP) Update: 11:00
Maine voters will be voting on several issues on the 
ballot Tuesday, November 3rd:the taxpayers' bill of rights 
(TABOR); repeal of the excise tax on cars and trucks; 
and possibly the repeal of the tax reform package that
was passed by the Maine legislature in June. MEJP will talk 
about how these issues affect people with low income. 
MAIN will decide if they want to take a public position on 
any of these issues. MEJP will also talk about the Maine 
Property Tax Abatement program. How do you think this
program is working?
*Lunch 12:00: Provided by MAIN and Maine Equal Justice
*MAIN Leadership Team Report: 12:45
           ·        Fall Conference
           ·        Fundraising & membership work
           ·        Economic Human Rights Campaign in Maine
*Maine Poverty Council 1:15
Several members of the Maine Poverty Council who are also 
MAIN members will update us on the Council's work.

Next MAIN Meeting:Thursday, October 8th in Belfast at 
the Midcoast Christian Fellowship.

MAIN leadership team contacts:
Barbara Rankins, 513-6292; Heather Curtis, 899-9671;
Tammy Trask, 968-2009; Tracey Hair, 843-7847;
Vickie McCarty, 546-7569; Dot Treadwell, 782-4624
MAIN website:www.peacebreadjustice.org

### Message 2
>From our friends at Resources for Organizing and 
Social Change.

Iggy, 207-415-4458
Jacqui, 207-934-1911
Larry, 207-525-7776, rosc@psouth.net

GROW New England's
Grassroots Organizing Workshops
September 18-20, 2009
Tanglewood 4-H Camp, Lincolnville, Maine (near 
**Registration form is posted below: simply fill it out 
& email it to rosc@psouth.net, or print it out & mail 
it to GROW New England/ROSC,161 Stovepipe Alley, Monroe, 
ME 04951.**

For New and Experienced Grassroots Organizers in Maine, 
NH, and Vermont to Learn More about Creating Grassroots 
Social Change

Why GROW New England? (GrassRoots Organizing Workshops)
We believe in a better world where there is:
*Respect for civil liberties;
*Commitment to nonviolent conflict resolution;
*Economic justice and rights for all;
*Affordable health care, housing, and education;
*A healthy environment and sustainable living practices;
*Celebration of diversity in age, race, gender, etc.

Join new and experienced activists from Northern New 
England as we:
#Learn and teach about the "big picture" of social change.
#Gain new organizing skills.
#Learn about successful models throughout the region.
#Celebrate successes.

Comments from past GROW weekends:
"It was the best experience of my life.  The weekend 
felt like a community-building utopia."
"Wonderful. Took away exactly what I was hoping to 
gain from the weekend" "It was nice to be around 
like-minded folks who are looking to make progressive 
changes in the world."
"I've made several contacts for future projects and 
allies for my life's mission. GROW made me grow."

GROW Weekend Schedule
10:00 am Friday, September 18th to 3:30 pm Sunday, 
September 20th
Cost: $10 - $80 (pay what you can/all welcome) includes 
housing (bring bedding), meals, all workshops, use of 
facilities and nearby outdoor environments.

Friday September 18th   10:00 am - 4:30 pm

Making a Difference:  Skills for the Effective Organizer
This workshop provides basic skills and background for 
anyone who is new or relatively new to organizing. 
Good reminder and refresher for more experienced organizers 
as well.

Some Scheduled Workshops Topics (Our theme this year is 
"Organizational Development:"). In addition to workshops 
listed below, GROW will use interactive methods to help 
attendees develop their skills in planning
actions/events and becoming better organizers.
* Grassroots Fundraising
* Overcoming Oppression in Grassroots Groups
* Coalition Building
* Media Strategies for Grassroots Groups
* Leadership Development
* Consensus
* Meeting Facilitation

*Accessibility: Facilities are accessible.
OF THE PEOPLE (Larry Dansinger 207-525-7776 / rosc@psouth.net). 
Childcare will be available at no cost, during workshop 
times only. Those bringing children must register by 
September 7th.
*Food: Meals will emphasize local food sources and 
will offer meat, vegetarian and vegan options. We can make 
individual adjustments as needed. Meals are included in 
the registration costs. Attendees will be asked to
help with meal preparation or cleanup.
*Travel Costs:  If you need help with travel costs, please 
contact us. Call a contact person for ride sharing options.
*Registration:  We encourage people to register by 
September 7th to help with meal and travel planning, 
though last minute registrations will be accepted.
Registration materials and directions will be e/mailed 
after you register.

Registration Form

Zip code_________________
Email _________________________________

Please Check all that Apply:

___I am registering for the September 18-20 weekend

Enclosed is $_____  Check payable to:
'Resources for Organizing and Social Change' (ROSC). 
Address is below. Partial payment is OK. Remainder due 
when you arrive. Paying the entire amount when you arrive 
is also an option, but paying some before the weekend
is helpful.

___I need childcare. Please list ages of children.

Ride Share:
___I need a ride from_____________________
___I can offer a ride from _________________

Please note any other special accommodations required 
(diet, health, sleeping, etc.)______________________

Return this form to:
GROW New England/ROSC,
161 Stovepipe Alley, Monroe, ME 04951
or email to rosc@psouth.net.

For registration questions:
Iggy, 207-415-4458, iggy@riseup.net
Larry, 207-525-7776, rosc@psouth.net
Jacqui, 207-934-1911, jacquio50@yahoo.com

In order to create a world
that provides for the well-being
of everyone, we have to ORGANIZE!

In order to take back our power
we have to ORGANIZE.

In order to ORGANIZE
we need to gather, learn, share and
plan with each other.

Information will be added when confirmed, especially in 
September. For a more complete schedule and updated 
workshop offerings,
please call:
Iggy, 207-415-4458
Jacqui, 207-934-1911
Larry, 207-525-7776

### Message 3:
>From our friends at Maine Association of Interdependent 
Neighborhoods &
Maine Equal Justice Partners.

Kim Crichton, Program Officer
Maine Health Access Foundation
(207) 620-8266 x103, or kcrichton@mehaf.org 

Dear M.A.I.N. Members and Supporters,
Maine Equal Justice Partners has been working closely 
with a small group of organizations that care about health. 
We are working on a report that will identify ways in which 
we can improve the health of Maine people and

We invite you and others in your network to participate 
in an on-line survey. We would particularly like to 
hear from people who are on MaineCare, but the survey is 
open to anyone. We want to know what you think about some
of our ideas. We also want to hear any other ideas you have.

The survey won't ask for your name or other identifying 
information. Participation is voluntary and you can stop, 
skip questions, or ask questions at any time.  
You must be 18 years or older to participate.

To learn more and take the survey online go to:

IMPORTANT NOTE:  The answer to the very first question 
is CODE #4. This lets the group know that you received 
the survey from Maine Equal Justice Partners. Please 
circulate this information on to other people in your

If you have questions about this survey, please contact:
Kim Crichton, Program Officer
Maine Health Access Foundation
(207) 620-8266 x103, or kcrichton@mehaf.org 

Thank you!

Ana Hicks
Senior Policy Analyst
Maine Equal Justice Partners
202-626-7058 ext 210
ahicks@mejp.org [mailto:ahicks@mejp.org]

### End of Forwarded Messages
The message(s) above were forwarded to you by:

Portland Organizing to Win Economic Rights = P.O.W.E.R.
PO Box 4281, Portland, Maine 04101
(207) 650-5092 /  www.povertyontrial.org

"When we unite to claim our rights together we have POWER!"

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